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Have you seen a Japanese beetle?


The highly invasive exotic insect threatens biodiversity and agriculture. It has already established itself in the canton of Ticino and is very likely to spread further in our country.

Support Agroscope with your field observations. In this way, the behavior of the dangerous pest can be researched and suitable control measures can be taken.

Have you discovered invasive alien plants?


Together with the canton of Graubünden, we have refined our platform for the control of the annoying problem plants: Synchronized with the Info-Flora database, the status of sites with invasive neophytes is now quickly updated and the plants can be recorded as being controlled. 

In addition, an incident commander, for example, can assign any number of neophyte sites to their field staff for execution. This facilitates the planning of operations and also the survey of ongoing activities.

Do you have an abundance of fruit and vegetables?


Are there fruit trees or shrubs in your garden that need to be harvested? Or are you aware of areas where fruit and vegetables are not harvested that can be developed?

Together we fight food waste! Thanks to the map of the association cultive-toi, you can report harvest in Lausanne and the surrounding area.

Let nature inspire you to protect it

With your card you can act on all the environmental issues of your choice, and thanks to its modularity, specific modules can be developed for your specific needs


Office fédéral de l'agriculture (OFAG)
Amt für Nature und Umwelt (ANU) - Graubünden
Canton de Berne
Canton AG
Parc Ela
Pronatura AG
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.
Centre de recherche sur l’environnement alpin
Foundation Swiss Green Alps