Easy recording and management of field observations

Pollenn® offers everything you need to involve everyone in your environmental projects. The personalized card makes it easy for anyone to collect observations in real time. The card helps you to implement your sustainable development measures.


Including everyone

Nowadays, the collection of data in connection with precise site-specific field observations is a valuable aid. They are an important source of information for understanding the impact of a given environmental situation and thus better involving citizens in the implementation of effective solutions.

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, the spread of invasive alien species, littering–these are challenges we face on a daily basis.

Discover Pollenn®, an innovative digital platform that combines collective participation and site-based observations to become the relevant tool for sustainable environmental solutions.


Your digital Pollenn® map


Your Pollenn® map is fully personalized and gives you full autonomy. Once the content is developed, it is now up to you to innovatively collect data and share information.

Multiple user

Your Pollenn® map is user-friendly, educational and appeals to a wide audience. You yourself define the roles of those involved in recording, controlling and following up observations, and also how visible the observations should be to third parties.

Manage data more easily

Your Pollenn® map is designed for all digital devices. It provides access to precise location-based observations. These can be easily managed, filtered and transferred thanks to a practical and ergonomic import/export format.


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Amt für Nature und Umwelt (ANU) - Graubünden
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.
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