Account and User

For whom was Pollenn® developed?

For the population to act
The use of Pollenn® is free of charge. On the platform, users can enter field observations in real time and thus effectively support the map-holding organizations. The data thus provided is a crucial contribution to solving environmental problems that affect us all.

For public and private organizations
Pollenn® is specifically designed to help organizations collect field observation data for their environmental projects. The system's flexibility, its operation on all digital media, and its efficient data management provide a powerful tool for improved productivity.

Who can join the Pollenn® community?

Everyone. The platform is completely open in terms of the number of participants.

User categories:

  • Administrator: records observations, has primary responsibility
  • Manager: records observations, limited management mandate (help with monitoring and other tasks)
  • Member: records observations (registered contact)
  • Visitor: records observations with or without contact form


You can open a free account at any time. If you want to become an administrator of a Pollenn® test card, contact us. 

How to become an administrator of a card?

To be able to administer a card, you need to open an account. The administration team will then give you the access rights.

For a presentation or a test card contact us.

Do I have to open an account to join Pollenn®?

No. Pollenn® was developed to be able to involve all interested parties with maximum flexibility. Opening a free account allows you to enter your observations without having to fill out a contact form for access. 

If you are interested in a paid administrator account, it is necessary to open an account, for that contact us.

How can I delete my account?

It is not yet possible to delete your account automatically. If you want to do that, contact us.

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