Your Pollenn® map

User-friendly and instructive

Your map is easy to create. It allows you to quickly obtain precise and site-specific field observations. And: you can use it to communicate in a very targeted and original way.

Defining individual user roles
Simplified data management and control

Your personalized field observations

With the help of the map tools you can freely create the profile and your data acquisition model of your observations, thanks to

  • pictures and illustrations (e.g. identification aid)
  • a multifunctional questionnaire
  • Internet links and downloadable documents
  • additional features that allow you to present costs and benefits, produce a personalized report, define the monitoring system, raise awareness of the precise legal bases, etc.

Each observation can be combined with one or more environmental themes that you define on your map.

Collect observations flexibly

Pollenn® is free for your users and is adapted to the digital behavior of each user.

Without any obligation for your users to open an account, comments can be entered anonymously or provided with a contact form.

Thanks to its "web-app development", it is possible to record observations through any browser, operating system and all digital media (desktop, smartphone, tablet).

The Pollenn® application also exists and is available for IOS and Android (not publicly available in the store yet). It allows you to connect directly to your account or take data offline when you are disconnected from the network.


Real-time monitoring and control

With its multi-layered map system and multiple observation recording, your Pollenn® map enables efficient teamwork.

As administrator, you define the control and follow-up model for each type of observation as well as its status and visibility on your map.

Thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can easily share monitoring rights with third parties and decide for each user what type of observations he or she can register for.

For each observation, a chronological overview allows you to follow its management and, if necessary, make gradual changes to the data. A really practical tool to follow the evolution of a plant or an insect trap, for example.

Manage your data easily

On your map or in your management system you can quickly filter and display the observations of your users.

Your data set is ergonomically designed and adapted to your questionnaire and your monitoring system. It can be easily exported or imported or downloaded by third parties, if you give them access rights.

It is also possible to connect the observations of your account to another server to exchange data in real time.


Office fédéral de l'agriculture (OFAG)
Amt für Nature und Umwelt (ANU) - Graubünden
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.
Foundation Swiss Green Alps